What is Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

The term “Early childhood development” is for a specific age of a kid until it reaches the school atmosphere. However, the school-going child doesn’t mean to not consider as in the early childhood period. So we can say This refers to the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth of a child at an early stage.

The learning phase of Early Childhood Development

This is the age when a child knows only their parents and attachment goes deeper and deeper. Learning only comes from parents, language, behaviour, attitude, eating, taste, etc. Children before their schooling are just the copy of their parents. However sometimes closer to the father and sometimes it’s to the mother. This is the most sensitive stage by the way where the foundation of the child has been built leading towards their future.

Early childhood development

Factors influence the early childhood development

Other than that we need to explore several other major factors which influence directly or indirectly childhood development as well. Genetics is the most influential factor that affects directly children. Directly because it is inherited from the parents and their grandparents and goes on. This includes the child’s colour, eyes, character, habits, intelligence, etc.

From childhood, we can assume genetics is the only major factor but as the child goes to school to meet with different fellows, living in a different atmosphere other than their parents it affects children’s overall character and habits. Another important aspect of this is environmental factors which include what type of atmosphere is created by the parents within the home. What type of nutrition intake by the parents as well? These all factors have a significant effect on children in their early life and grooming.

Personality Influence on Early Childhood Development

Now let us dig deeper into these factors and how they can influence children’s overall life behavior and attitudes. The interesting thing primary caregivers of children which are the parents and grandparents are the most influential personalities in the children’s life. So the parent’s personality and habits give the early lesson to the children on how to spend life. Also, relationship bonds insightful effect on child grooming. So the more parents or caregivers are supportive, friendly, and responsive more children feel secure in their presence. Instead of developing fear in childhood making a child insecure all the time and have a great impact on children’s whole life as well. Parents or caregivers should be very careful in this aspect because they are just spoiling the children’s whole lives by creating such an atmosphere. Children become negative since their childhood due to this type of fearful atmosphere surrounding them.

How healthy physical activities affect

Another important influent factor in children’s life is playing activities. Children learn life lessons from playing and childish activities from childhood. This is the way to learn new skills in how to solve problems. Because they learn from small problem-solving to big problems. Newly social interaction also begins here to play with their fellows. To begin with, new creations and imagination as well as new habits are developed within the child’s behavior. So parents should provide the proper play material by accompanying them in playing as well to get attach the children with them. Take them outdoors as well and involve them in healthy physical playing activities as well.

Another important aspect of early childhood development is physical development and growth. This is related to child health and body grooming which is the priority by the way others. It’s related to involvement in physical activities like sports, walking, cycling, running, and jumping. How much a child takes an interest in physical activities depends on physical health and mental grooming.

Early education

So now early education, the preschool stage reaches the child. For the next 20 to 25 years children have to interact with schools, colleges, universities, or more. It’s not like as school started the early stage of childhood development has complete but here few years also part of this development.

So at this stage, positive or negative impacts on children’s lives could be possible. Parents are in the race to get the best schools for their children. However, it is not a bad approach as research proves that children who attended the best or high-standard preschool programs are more likely to do well in their further studies. These pre-schools are a source of provision of well-thought-out accomplishments which help them to groom like a human.

Early Childhood

Mental health

Along with the physical aspect mental health is also very important which is also known as cognitive development. So it includes the factor of a child’s thought, problem-solving, and creation. To be honest study of school college books is another thing and incredible predict someone if excellent book study refers to good mental health. The considerable thing is how the child is good in the creation and solution maker by themselves.

Early childhood development also refers to the quick absorption by the brain of learning and new skills as well as the ideology of parents and nearby relations. So somehow this is also a very critical time for absorbing things by the brain without letting positive or negative aspects. So at this stage child should be involved in reading, playing, and positive learning activities to groom in the same way. These types of children are exposed to developing strong cognitive skills.

Social & Emotional Interactions

Now, let’s discuss aspects other than education and learning though for a child is also a part of learning. This is in the category of social and emotional development in which children know how to make relations and express emotions. So socially and emotionally strong children have a background of strong attachment to parents or caregivers. Morally positive support in the failures of children and forgiving their mistakes teach them how to be humble while living in society. Too much fighting between parents never raises children as humble and calm because children in their early period just absorb and build their characteristics.

The crucial period of life

If we can say the most crucial period of life is early childhood time, then it is not a wrong statement to some extent. The foundation of life cannot change its shape but can be modified according to grooming and situation. But the characteristics and attitudes of a child leading from childhood to old age remain the same. So parents and caregivers play vital roles in the child’s life to make the best human by providing atmosphere and supporting the situation.

Other than that there are certain roles of some relations in the child’s whole life. Some of which we discuss as hinted above but we need to elaborate more in detail to get a better understanding of the meanings of relations.

What is the parent’s role in childhood development?

The role of parents in the children’s lives actually cannot be covered in written form. Because whatever the corner of a child’s life is related to parents directly or indirectly. Parents are the role models of every child. The first ideology comes from parents in the child’s life. A child’s life direction can be set according to the parent’s character and personality.

Parents are the best teachers

Parents are not only caregivers of children but the very first teachers and honestly, we must say that parents are the complete institute for every child. Because children can learn everything from their parents.  So this small briefing is just trying to justify that some lines or sentences could not cover the whole role of parents but some major can elaborate here:

Providing strong supportive relationships helps to build a child’s brave and strong character and personality. Responsive parents with their attitude make children secure and confident or fearless in a positive manner. This greatly helps child growth and emotional development.

Parents over possessiveness

It is being observed that sometimes parents are extra possessive of the future and studies of children never encourage them for sports or healthy physical activities. Sports and healthy physical activities can help children to groom well and be active. Also, increases mental grooming and makes them problem solvers and independent or self-made. It includes both indoor and outdoor activities.

Ensuring the provision of a safe and hygienic healthy atmosphere is the key responsibility of parents. Making children secure all around helps them to bring positive thoughts and approaches everywhere. This includes everything like food, rooms, sleeping places, clothes, bags, etc.

The provision of the best education and learning as per the financial condition is also a great support for parents for their children. To make them socially and economically independent parents play a key role.

Learn with benchmark

Let the child know how to behave with others while moving on the roads, markets, school, shopping places, sports grounds, beaches, etc. everywhere. This parent advises sincerely and properly teaches them. These are the social norms which learn from parents and caregivers that help to great survive in life.

Parents are the best teachers for every subject when they regulate their children with social norms. Tech them practically by showing them physical behaviour children can learn de develop the same habits and characteristics. They set boundaries for their children and after childhood, most of the children without any supervision even never attempt to cross the limits.

What is the role of teachers and schools in children’s lives?

After the parents, there are certainly other people or personalities that influence the child’s life greatly. And their input of built proper gentle and fruitful people for society is great. Teachers are one of the characters who play also a vital role after or along with parents. After home school is the place where children spend the most precious time of their lives. To learn everything, a strong foundation of life and other all concepts are clear during school time. So early childhood development could not be complete without school and teachers.

The support and effort in early childhood development by schools and teachers categorically cannot be covered in a few points but again just for a better understanding of the subject we can bring some of the major points here:

Support comes from the provision of a safe and healthy atmosphere for every child getting admitted to the school. Not a single negligence regarding any concern for children is acceptable.

Safety is more important as when parents can drop their children at school then it becomes their core responsibility of there to protect them and take care without any single second of negligence.

School Responsibility

School is the place where children in their early childhood period start interacting with other age fellows. So can say that the first social interaction starts with school. Here children learn all types of social norms and standards for their development and growth.

Teachers are not responsible for teaching only subject books but the core objective is to make a fruitful human for society. Teach them how to manage to express their emotions and treat others gently. The atmosphere also keeps calm and peaceful.

Encouraging physical activities and sports are also built here in the school. Teachers should take every child smoothly by ensuring that no one is behind. To motivate the lazy and least interested in physical activities children also buy them.

Every school has dozens of extracurricular activities because it is part of learning and teaching the kids. If in a class speaking and writing are the learning mediums, then do not forget that physical healthy activities are also the medium of learning and teaching. All types of activities develop the habit of teamwork within children and they learn how to support each other. Socially this is one of the best development in children.

Teachers also encourage academic learning by using different mediums whatever suits anyone. Every child has a unique nature and understanding so teachers have to move with every single one to take them for nothing left behind. Also sharing and giving feedback to parents taking their support at home collectively work on the child’s development.

What is the role of siblings in early childhood development?

Siblings’ role in the development and grooming cannot be put behind because it’s human nature that same or bit elder fellows are more influence than anyone. Children also follow more their siblings than any other character in their lives. Let us explore some of the opportunities enjoy just due to the presence of siblings in life.

  • Having siblings is a blessing that children learn social resolutions from them.
  • To learn communication and cooperation, supporting each other from siblings is the best way.
  • Also sharing thoughts and starting a friendship zone is always preferred with siblings to feel great support and feeling secure.
  • Siblings let the new bird make new relations in life other than parents by providing a special feeling of support and presence everywhere in the form of companionship.
  • There is another aspect of siblings that is a bit negative. But it all depends on the children’s families. If parents develop some sort of negative competition between all siblings, then it leads towards cruelty till their adult age. Love and hate travel like a vehicle toward their destiny and increase over time.
  • Developing healthy competition among the siblings is not only healthy from a mental point of view but also brings them closer to each other.
  • Always feeding in the children’s minds about the siblings that positively compete with them but never be negative. This is when parents keep appreciating every success along with failure to keep motivated without letting anyone down.

So significantly siblings are also a key factor in early childhood development in the form of companionship and healthy presence everywhere getting social and cognitive growth of them.

 Childhood Development

Other than relations what are the factors influencing childhood

There are several factors in other relations which also influence greatly anyhow help to develop greatly in the personality. The environment, interactions, experiences of witnesses of surrounding, parent’s interactions and social circle, parent’s relationship and communication ways. Even consider the neighbourhood and area of living. Also, include what type of TV channels and movies are in the house. What type of physical activities approach within the surroundings? From early childhood to adulthood every single thing influences the character and mindset of children. So somehow unnoticed things bring severe change in the personality. That’s why parents and teachers should be more concerned and wise while raising and grooming their children.

What are the basic needs of the child?

All children from their childhood have some of the basic and common needs or requirements. That must be met to grow them into healthy and fruitful adults for society. We bring parents who raise our children to take a great part or play a good role in the development of society. Society is based on people’s thoughts and character. The more people are good and gentle, the society will be healthy and nice.

Fruitful For Society

So raising good adults we are contributing our part in society. Let’s come back to the subject of the requirements of children. First of all, children need love and affection from every relation or person in their surroundings. In the early childhood period, they know only love and affection. There is no introduction of hate in that period. So as more, they get more mentally and physically groomed.

All children should require a safe and hygienic place to live so this is by the parents to ensure the provision or arrange safe shelter for their children. Their financial situation possibly provides a comfort zone in their childhood period.

Nutrition Values

Now turn to nutrition. Proper food with essential nutrition is mandatory in the growing age. As their grooming requires a lot of essential ingredients. So again within the financial situation of the parents should provide the proper nutrition values for healthy growth.

Regular Health Checkups Routine in Early Childhood Development

Health care is also an essential need for children. At an early age, all types of medical checkups with recommended vaccinations should be managed. Not a single negligence in the schedule of health care is acceptable.

After health, the most important is to provide proper education and learning to raise them as well-educated adults. This included the schools or learning centres according to the parent’s budget.

Indoor & Outdoor healthy activities

Playing sports or physical indoor or outdoor activities is also a key role which is already explained well above. So here we just want to mention that it is also a mandatory requirement for every child. Always take part with your children in playing and feel your presence at every step.

How sensitive is as early childhood development?

This is all the above information already explains well the sensitivity and influence on the whole adult life of a child. Our aim is also to bring your kind attention here if anyone has the misconception that childhood is just raising and growing only.

This is the time of cognitive development and growth for every child. They are absorbing and learning without letting anyone know just by witnessing and feeling the surroundings. So at this period, everything which is going on is the source of learning and knowledge for them. Their brains are highly receptive to new stimulations and acknowledge every happening during the time.

So this sensitivity brings more importance to the age period without any negligence. That’s why any type of good experiences at an early age helps to shape up child’s development and lay the foundation for their bright knowledge future along with their great participation in the building of a healthy society. So they should be more responsive and supportive to their children at every stage as the childhood period can be a vulnerable period for them.

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