Bad Parenting

Bad Parenting

The term, bad parenting cannot be defined simply as other things. It is the habit or characteristic of a parent. Being like a king to your children is to be declared as a bad parent. No doubt being a parent is one of the most difficult and sensible responsibilities in the world.

What is bad parenting?

A parent has to face many hardships and obstacles to raising their children into adulthood. Sometimes children cannot get what their parents are in going through. But if parents have changed their behavior or attitude toward their children it can bring a worse impact on the children’s personalities. Changing behaviour can be explained in simple words. Some parents are very nice, appreciating the children but others days indifferent.

How to explore

Bad parenting could be anywhere or anyone is supposed to be a bad parent without having an idea what they are doing with their children. Education does matter to a built person. But no one is thinking that being a parent also requires some sort of guidance and training. Parents usually cannot focus or neglect their mistakes. But on the other hand, could not forgive their children’s mistakes. Parents always look after their behaviour and attitude to find out if bad parenting exists in their lives or not. If something is found appropriate, then should kick it out of life because it directly impacts our children.

What is bad parenting

What are the causes of bad parenting?

The causes of bad parenting are not the same everywhere. Could be unique or different from being an individual.

Childhood witnessing and bad parenting could be the reason behind it. A child is a copy of their parent. Child behaviour and habits always come from their parent as they idealize what they are witnessing. Sobe is a role model.

Financial issues

Bad parenting has a reason for financial matters as well. Unable to meet the requirements of the family brings frustration and stress which could cause bad behavior among everyone.

Parents issues.

The husband and wife’s lack of understanding in life also is a big cause of it. Day and night fighting and arguments between father and mother bring mental stress at home, and overall it is considered in the category of this kind of style.

Lack of education

If someone has no idea how to be a good parent, then every effort is useless to bring peace at home. Education does matter and should be looking for some consultancy in this type of case. Also, some parents think that strict behaviour is mandatory with the children is the best style of parenting. So they act what they assume is wrong, which is another word for bad parenting.

Running from responsibilities.

If any parent is not happy to fulfil the parent’s responsibilities. Or in their life schedule this type of responsibility they are expecting after a few years. It could cause a bad parenting style unintentionally. Whether deliberately or not they are blamed their children. Unfortunately, the children are innocent, and hard to understand their mistakes. So they are unable to run away from their natural responsibilities which brings a bad attitude toward their innocent children. This is one of the worst kinds of bad parenting examples I must say.

Bad parenting types.

It is not mandatory for to them be strict in their behaviour with children or an abusive attitude is the only type of bad parenting. There are many other forms of it. Some parent who are in the category have too neglectful behaviour toward their children. They don’t care where their children are, or what they are doing.


So as a result always fail to supervise them and never bother about their company. They are not bothered by the irregular attitude of their children. Let the children have the freedom to move anywhere and do what they think is right is the worst parenting style. Or in case severe punishments which are against even humanity also bring in this type.

bad parenting types

What are the effects of bad parenting?

The effects of bad parenting are more and come in different ways. But the most sensitive part of it is that the effects of bad parenting always come in the long term, sometimes generation-to-generation effects are being transferred. Moreover, this is I must say high risk while raising our children so we need to be very careful with this aspect.

Lack of care and love

This is the most beautiful part of human nature. No relationship could go without love and care. Naturally, if the child is not familiar with these feelings from their childhood how can they give to anyone in society? Human nature sometimes does not care about the small thing which brings a great impact same as bad parenting.

Aggressive nature

The person who lacks love and care or can say empathy from their relations since childhood. Naturally becomes violent and aggressive by characteristic.

Lack of education

Bad parenting usually impacts on child’s education as well. Usually, the children who are affected by their homes have pathetic attitudes toward their loved ones and are mentally disturbed. They are unable to focus on their studies which pushes them behind everyone.

Compare with others

Always make comparisons with other children bringing no confidence in your child. Not only being parents but as a human, we need to understand a very simple thing every human has a unique nature and characteristics. If someone is good at their study then might be others who are good at sports.


If we assume that our child at an early age faces depression. It’s horrible if it’s due to just our lack of understanding and bad parenting style. Depression kills everything, all skills. Even the brightened student will no more shine due to their depression. Please, parents, need to understand this is a very critical phase for our children.

Confusions or Questions about bad parenting

Some of the questions raised in our minds about the effects of bad parenting. Which might be not the reason for bad parenting behind any unusual happening? We cannot relate every unusual happening to bad parenting style but yes some of the major effects are due to this type of rude and unethical behavior of parents.

Let’s discuss here some of the confusion and questions to clear the concept:

Is bad parenting to blame for child obesity

As I mentioned above about depression, frustration comes in the child which is one of the biggest factors in obesity.

Can bad parenting cause mental illness?

Yes, this is a fact. Because when parents are hitting the child’s mental feelings it could bring mental illness. Or mental weakness due to which the child is unable to handle his life properly.

Can bad parenting cause bipolar disorder?

Yes, children face bad parenting styles from their parents at an early age. They never come out from this dark phase of life. They always want to take back from society this negligence which is just due to their parents only.

Can bad parenting cause narcissism?

Yes, it is also a true bitter reality. Narcissism comes like anyone who spent his /her childhood in bad parenting behavior. When they become successful or in any relationship they can dominate others by doing this type of thing.

Can bad parenting cause schizophrenia?

This is what I explain in different terms in the article. By the way, this is the peak stage of mental disorder in which any one effect for the long term. Bad parenting is one of the major factors behind creating schizophrenia in human nature. It can only be reversible when proper consultancy and understanding of relationships around the person.

Can we report bad parenting?

Some countries have already clarified the law which protects the child from bad parenting. There a child or anyone who witnesses around can report and the parent faces major punishments due to their bad style of parenting. But it’s not common all around the world.

strict behavior is bad parenting?

We need to clarify this small confusion that strictness to a limited extent is not part of bad parenting. Our children need supervision and guidance

What if parents do not adopt strict behavior

If parents, are not strict and only love care, and forgive their mistakes then it could have also a bad impact on their characteristics. They are unable to distinguish between good and bad in their life.

What is strictness

But strictness is not about beaten or abusive behavior towards children. Disrespect to children in front of everyone assuming to teach the good and bad. That is all about bad parenting style. The strict parent is to realize our children can understand in different polite ways. Their actions made us angry without shouting or doing any bad thing. So when getting this type of realization try to develop a habit of not practicing such type of bad parenting style

Statistics about bad parenting

Bad parenting transfers its effect from generation to generation. The same as overcoming also couldn’t be possible at once. It also comes to the normal or ideal situation with the passage of time and proper consultation.

As a matter of fact, In the United States of America,14% of children face bad parenting in different styles or forms.5% of the ratio even no got the idea that they are in the phase of bad parenting

However, it is also very much true that 22% of the parents are somehow directly or indirectly influenced by a permissive parenting style which is near to bad parenting.


Bad parenting is the worst attitude or behavior toward children. This is the way when parents spoil childhood deliberately. There is no shame in seeing the consultant if a parent found type characteristics in the behavior. Proper consultancy is the key to overcoming these bad characteristics. Somehow it is already declared a mental illness.

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