What is Parents’ failure

What is Parent’s failures?

Before starting this most challenging topic, we must realize that Parent’s failures could be possible but this is one of the unrewarding jobs. We Humans are not free of mistakes that’s the law of nature. I cannot write about all over the world but being human our characteristics are not so different concerning emotions and relations. So here the writings belong to the American parents but consider it all over humanity.

So that means a perfect definition of any parent doesn’t mean free of mistakes. Parents’ failures are part of this responsible stage of life. However, another crucial part is that children’s care doesn’t have negligence of a second chance. Every parent has their unique styles and ways to raise their children. Already we explore several ways and kinds, styles of parenting which you can explore in the blog, and parent’s category to get all the information. So every parent does their best in the form of support, emotions, love, and affection for their children.

Parent’s approach

This all needs to explain because here we are going to explore the failures and mistakes of parents but it doesn’t mean the article is about having any negative approach. Kind of mistakes and failures are always rectified by knowing the root cause with suggestions. Here we are going to do the same thing.

Discipline is the key to success

So beginning with the most common parent’s failures. The first one is lack of discipline almost every parent complains about their negligence. Though it is difficult to be on right away a disciplined parent after the children at once it’s not possible or practical. Time is taken to be on the right way.

The question is why discipline is primarily an important factor because children are just the copy of their parents. Instead of showing them good discipline person can give them a more effective lesson to be a gentle human.

Discipline is the name of balance in life and emotions. Parents are either strict or lenient and it is very difficult but not impossible to draw a line between these two categories. Both emotions are worse as a parent. Being lenient lets your child forget the boundaries of limitation and make them unmanageable because they never have to listen to any strict word to correct their mistakes. and being strict makes your child rebellious. Maybe the word rebellious is very harsh but we want to categorize all the possibilities in the case of a strict parenting style.

Long term impact

This is so obvious that children raised under strict parenting ways bring a more negative approach as well as make them bullish for society. So the important thing is to be like a role model same as what you are expecting or want to see your children as the ideology of any child begins from their parent only. Everything is after the home. That’s why unbalanced behaviour in the raising of children is considered a big failure of both father and mother.

Lack of communication

After the discipline, we are considering another part of parents’ failures for not building proper communication mediums with children. Two-way communication in which listening and speaking are present is the best atmosphere anywhere. Children in their early period always speak and speak which is the right time to be frequently with you on every subject. But when a father or mother lets them shut up calls make them shy even to talk with them which brings a big space or distance in a very close relationship. So from their childhood period always set a time daily to listen to them full of attention. This brings a very positive impact to make them more friendly with you at their adult age.


Limitations & boundries

Now let’s talk about some important limitations and boundaries which are established by every parent. It is necessary to make boundaries around the child to make them respectful of the laws and limitations. Let them realize from their early childhood period that humans are social animals to give respect to each other and always follow boundaries and limitations.

So the grooming of this subject begins at home by establishing necessary limitations concerning their age. But be flexible and adjustable because every limitation is not fit for every home and child. For example, living in a building teaches the child how to move on the stairs and use a lift, while seeing neighbors how to behave. These are small things that become the nature of children later in their adult ages. Make sure that everything is not coming in overnight. So consistently adopt anything to get the part of children’s nature to overcome the parent’s failures.

Common criticism

The most important thing is never to compare your child with others as well as parents’ strategies. Maybe the one kind of style of raising children does not fit your place. So be flexible in this subject and apply a different kind of caring styling to get to know what suits your child. Even if you get frustrated with handling a child do not ever take back your support and attention.

So this is a very practical possibility or maybe can say every parent feels like to be a failure at any stage but this is natural. Do not make yourself tired while thinking like this as failure is a part of every job. And this is the most challenging job in the world. Keep giving your great support and care for the best interest of your child. Because one day you will see the same or maybe more in your children what you are dreaming about.

failure issues

How to stop being a failure to your parents

A child enters at a mature age to understand enough of the expectations and dreams of their parents. Moreover, they should have some responsibilities towards the father and mother. It is not about to fulfil their dreams in any way. But struggling and effort for the goals are enough to satisfy your caregivers. So let’s say you are trying to fulfill the dreams of your caregivers. But even though feel like a failure and are unable to meet the requirements then some of the important points are only for you.

Personal Catharsis is a parent’s failures

So initiate with your catharsis to identify the loophole. Find out all of the possible root causes of your failures. This includes everything related to your life, school grades, friend zone, relationship, communication, teachers circle, neighbourhood, or any other challenges that you feel to be addressed. Believe me, the moment you appropriately find your catharsis, failures will run away from you. But make sure not to make any expectations to change the game overnight. It needs proper working consistently to develop the implementation of your to-do list in life.

When you start working then obviously everyone including your caregivers will feel the change. And for sure they will appreciate that you are taking responsibility for your actions and mistakes and trying to overcome your failures. This makes them very much satisfied and peace of mind from your side. So don’t ever try to run away from your mistakes and failures. Because all success is hidden in the acknowledgement of your actions.

One thing always remember about your parents is to give you enough space to talk and communicate and then not ever hide anything. Always share honestly from the core of your heart with your caregivers as they are your best friends. Share the plans and ideas going to implement in your life and taking suggestions from their experiences. No school or university gives knowledge more than experience and parents learn from their experiences. So get benefits from forming their golden experiences while implementing them in their life. Trust building also by the way between you and your parents.

Now, let’s align and set up the goal list and make them practical expectations. Do not assume yourself as a superhero who can manage everything overnight. Just take them one by one and implement them as easily as you can but consistently. Just line up and categorize if required concerning long-term and short-term objectives. This is achieved by doing work consistently to get optimum results. This helps you to be energetic and motivated by getting results in small intervals.

Never Disappoint as parent’s failures

Every step of your planning will surely be successfully done. But your failed effort will bring new horizons in your life. To be honest, goals are not set only for success as sometimes you try hard at least instead of sleeping in bed. So take yourself always in a positive way and even in failure try to get some positive flowers for your new beginning. Always remember if you are a parent who fails to fulfil any part of the responsibility. Failure never has a finish line as it is the beginning of another success line. Try to learn from the mistakes and consequences to improve it further.

How parents are responsible for children’s failures.

There is always not one reason behind any failure or success in life. This several reasons and some of the cases also have examples of parents’ reasons. And these reasons are very common and unique as well.

Father and mother are the most beautiful relationship in the child world but sometimes let’s say unconsciously this relationship also makes their children move toward failure.

In the contribution parents’ attitudes, mindset behaviour, strict or rude more than limits, etc. are considered primarily and commonly. All these factors directly on the grooming and mental growth of the child.

So any type of parent’s failures play a vital role in their children’s lives as any small negligence could bring worse effects for a long-term period and spoil the whole life. Providing a supportive and friendly atmosphere at home makes their child strong enough to meet all types of challenges. Making critical and stricter in the home makes the child lack confidence and mentally upset.

Built false expectations with the child more toward failure. No child has the same intelligence and mindset. Everyone has the full right to choose their interest in life. But when parents push the child in their beyond their interests then failure could be possible. Assuming children as a robot to adjust everywhere they want is the worst and wrong approach. Children in their growing age need encouraging behavior and support in their failures while when parents behave the opposite to make the child more down and never come back toward success.

parents & children

Always in every field whether it’s academic or physical activities or sports provide support and encourage them to make it possible even if the first or second attempt is not successful instead of starting comparison and criticism. Children are not able to overcome their failure by themselves alone so always be with them and give them strength to take again start until they reach the goal. This is the successful way how anyone to overcome their weaknesses in life.

What are the failures due to parents’ ego issues?

Here one of the most undiscoverable issues of parents is their egoistic nature even their children as well. And this makes them suffer too much. To be honest somehow if anyone accepts or not ego issues are very common in parents but depend on how much anyone has. This type of matter related to the egoistic approach can be evident in several mediums which consist of control at home, not listening to any advice, not being flexible in their decisions, not flexible in their expectations, and imposing whatever they like. Don’t like to hear a single word against them also part of egoistic issues. So overall lack of discussion is always present within the home and among family members.

But when parents according to their egoistic nature apply to children life brings worse long-term effects. One of the most negative approaches that they use is for their children to gain social recognition based on their sports participation, and school grades to fulfil their ego. They expect their children as super kids which brings social fame them. To achieve this, they are using rigid and strict rules and imposing what they like. But this is one of the unhealthiest parenting styles leading to parents’ failures.

What are the possible failures of the strictest parents?

There is no doubt that all parents who belong anywhere in the world are trying to raise their children successfully. But that is part of the parents’ failures when they try to use strict tools to get the objective while saying that strictness is in the best interest of children and they are trying to satisfy themselves with their wrong actions. They are setting the rules and elaborate the policies and do not let anyone breach them without any reluctance. Always expect everyone to be like their moods. If they are happy mood, then everyone should be like that. If in angry or sad then do not want to hear a single pin drop. They are controlling every corner of the home along with family members. and in this way, they assume to overcome all of the Parent’s failures.

Non-friendly atmosphere

When parents always make a comparison then naturally it brings a strict nature by hating their child’s every action to develop a no-friendly and strict atmosphere at home. This makes long distances between them even living under the same roof.

It’s also important to recognize that strict parenting can have both positive and negative effects on children. On the one hand, strict parenting can provide a sense of structure and security for children. And can help to teach them responsibility and self-discipline. On the other hand, strict parenting can also lead to feelings of fear, resentment, and a lack of autonomy in children. It’s important for parents to find a balance and to be open to adjusting their approach as their children grow and develop. And not o be part of the Parent’s failures category.

Strict Parents comparison

One potential failure of strict parenting is a lack of trust and communication between parent and child. If children feel that their parents are constantly monitoring and controlling their actions, they may be less likely to open up and share their thoughts and feelings with their parents. This can lead to a breakdown in the parent-child relationship and a lack of understanding between the two.

Lack of self-control

Another potential failure of strict parenting is a lack of independence and autonomy in children. If children are not allowed to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes, they may struggle to develop the skills and confidence they need to be successful as adults. Parents need to strike a balance between setting limits and allowing their children the freedom to explore and learn on their own.

Finally, strict parenting can also lead to feelings of resentment and rebellion in children. If children feel that their parents are overly controlling and do not respect their autonomy, they may act out or defy their parents’ rules to assert their independence. This can lead to conflict and strained relationships within the family.

In conclusion, strict parenting can have both positive and negative effects on children. It’s important for parents to find a balance and to be open to adjusting their approach as their children grow and develop. It’s also important to establish open lines of communication and to create an environment where children feel trusted and respected.

Final Word of Parent’s failures

Parents’ failures do not come intentionally. No parents want to fail to raise their children.

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