What is Parenting styles

What is Parenting styles

So What does Parenting style mean to say how to take care of children in a better way? Looking after and taking care of our children is the key objective for every parent. To care for our children in the best manner parents adopt different styles and ways to make it best for their children. Along with it always look for tips from professionals and researchers to overcome any negligence that exists. The blog article aims to explore some unique and best styles of parenting. Also, add some fruitful tips to make parenting the best way.


Style is explored in this subject as actually the way of parenting. Different ways of parenting are famous as parenting styles. Several components are together to define parenting styles. Parenting styles are influenced by different things. These different things include cultures, parent characteristics, financial matters, parent personal issues, etc. Belonging to different cultures and societies with different social behaviours defines their way on their own.

Kind of parenting styles

Parenting style refers to the behaviour of parents towards their children. Different kinds of behaviour or parenting styles exist. Depends upon the people, area, social values, and society. Here we can explore some of the famous styles just for understanding. Also, include their key responsibilities towards their children. Different parenting styles are based on several things. Which parents can’t even express in words but in practice with their attitude? Parenting styles differ for everyone. So no one claims to have an idea of parenting style. Because parents’ feelings and love towards their children cannot compare with anyone. Though there is part of negligence also exists. Every parent wants to raise their children in the best and most healthy atmosphere. Within which they can manage within their financial boundaries.

Parenting style

Among the several types of research on this subject, the most prominent research date considered is “Diana Baumrind” whose research on parenting styles is practised in different corners of the world. Her research is about freedom and control of child development. The research belongs to North American families and their different lifestyles affect child development. She is mostly part of her research exploring the unique behaviours of fathers and mothers. On the basis here, a wide range of research and observation classifies the parenting styles.

Research of “Diana Baumrind

Moreover, by conducting base research on “Diana Baumrind”, Two of the researchers named “Eleanor Maccoby” and “John Martin” collaborated to find out more about the subject first defined by Baumrind. They confirmed the previous research by defining more aspects. Adding another branch of parenting that is uninvolved or indifferent or, in simple words neglectful.

Refer to the “Diana Baumrind” “Eleanor Maccoby” and “John Martin”, styles are categorized as:


Authoritarian parenting style

Authoritative parenting style

Permissive parenting style

Neglectful parenting style

Each style mentioned above has specific characteristics. This is according to the family’s behaviours and attitudes. Adding to the level of expectations towards their children.

Let us explain one by one thoroughly for your better understanding. Also, find out what is your parenting style in between. Many times we are behind in reading about it. we want to know what is our parenting style. so we need to find out which complies with our attitude and behaviour compared with the different styles. So which one is the nearest to consider our parenting style?

Authoritarian style

These styles are classified by the people who are more demanding and their level of expectation is very high from their children. They set boundaries and define children’s lives without knowing their capabilities and interests of level. Afterwards, it’s not finished, they impose their expectation by force on their children as well. Punishment without ignoring a child’s naughty behaviour is very common in it. Communication slot in this style usually one side like order as I mentioned before parents impose their thoughts and expectations by force.

Authoritative style

This style is not so far different from the authoritarian style. But there is a way of strictness that is somehow totally different. In this style, a set of rules and disciplines are defined to follow. But there are chances of communication also exist. A child’s level of understanding and interest is also noticeable in this style. Parents are demanding in this type of style. Also, their expectations are based on some appropriate level of ground.

Permissive Parenting styles

This style belongs to the parent who fails d to define any rules and discipline in the child’s life. The positive point is against any kind of punishment for the child. Parents are polite well well-mannered with their children. Communication is very much open between parents and children, but at the same time, they believe in or prefer the child’s decisions and thoughts. Moreover, it’s not about the failure of parenting but yes to giving preference and trying to make an independent child as soon as possible.

Neglectful or uninvolved parenting styles

As the name explains itself the parents are classified in the style. This is true that the types also exist with more people in our surroundings. Who never or less care about their children. They do not bother to set any kind of rules or discipline. They let the child go in their way without bothering anymore. Also, it includes never realizing their real responsibilities toward their children.

How does culture affect

Different Cultures own different and unique traditions. These have a great influence on the behaviour and attitudes of parents toward their children. So we call them cultural parenting styles which come from all over the world. Cultural differences in parenting styles reflect uniqueness. Changes in parenting styles over the years are also affected by the changes in cultures and traditions. Modernization changes the old tradition of styles to the newest and finest form. They also modified by using modern world resources to make it easy. For example, in old times, baby Pampers were not available. But nowadays mothers are using Pampers which helps them a lot.

What is Parenting styles

 What do you understand by parenting styles?

So my research on parenting style hopefully gives you a better understanding of it. It’s not only about understanding but getting the different points of attractive attitudes from different styles to make our parenting the best or ideal. We cannot ignore this most important aspect by justifying that it all comes naturally. Setting rules and a well-disciplined way of raising children towards adulthood is the best reward for parents to children. We can test our parenting style by comparing it with all the styles to get the best idea. Every style comes with advantages and disadvantages. Unless it comes with uninvolved or neglectful parenting styles. Because this is to be considered a healthy parenting style.

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