what is Montessori parenting

What Is Montessori Parenting

This type of parenting style approaches to freedom of a child. Montessori is a kind of parenting style or a technique to raise children in a better way. Childhood is not for punishment but yes advice on every step is mandatory. The naughty child is not a big matter in this style of care. So the child is free to do anything to break the rules even set by parents or guardians.

What is the Montessori parenting definition?

By definition, Montessori parenting is a kind of love and care. Build the atmosphere around the toddler moving freely without any objection. Let children allow to break the rules and being naughty is fine. No specific principles or rules for them unless it is concerned with their safety or health.

How to explain Montessori parenting?

Montessori parenting is also a way of teaching but in a way chosen by toddlers. This is the best thing actually in it which is very much appealing to most parents nowadays. Instead of elaborating on the way of teaching or learning by the parent or teachers, let children themselves choose how they are most interesting. Learning from their toys, play stores, or anything where a child shows their interest.

Montessori Parenting

So people often ask the question what does Montessori parenting mean? So it has a very simple answer to understand. That is the name of the presence of a caretaker on children without letting them know. We need to eliminate this misunderstanding of the concept of Montessori that there are no limits or stoppage on children. There are, in fact, more rules that apply. But the only thing without letting know them to apply the rules or principles of their raising toward adults.

What is the Montessori parenting technique?

We may be afraid or confused about the long name of this aspect of parenting. That could be some very technical way of caring for the child. But it’s not true, it very much belongs to the organic way I must say. Let’s find nature itself the way. Every child has their nature and characteristics. We cannot impose any one thing on every child, whatever the success ratio of it even. Montessori by default cannot define, because it has no specific principles. It is very much according to the child’s nature and interests. However, some of the standards are set by professionals and researchers. We can modify it according to our requirements or we can take help to start to implement them.


“Maria Montessori”

Montessori parenting was explored at the start of the 20th century by a doctor belonging to Italy. The doctor’s name is “Maria Montessori” she finds that children themselves explore the world with their nature and understanding. Some children are sharp and intelligent. On the other side, some are a bit dull and take a long to understand even small aspects. Maria Montessori is the one who starts schooling toddlers where she set up an environment of force-free teaching. No, impose, no set rules, and no hard boundaries. Just provide a healthy atmosphere to children and children will learn by themselves according to their approach. Later it became famous enough to be accepted by almost every corner of the world. It still uses the references of research as the core concepts of Montessori methods and techniques of “Maria Montessori”.

What are the Montessori Parenting Principals

So the first thing is that Montessori parenting is where to start. We need to follow the track of professionals in this field. Following their footstep and principles, we need to make it successful for us as well.


To consider our toddler or children as the same as what we are concerned respect is the key thing. Our children also need respect so they come to know how to respect others. At their grooming age, it’s better for their understanding of respect. Call them with kind words. Do not ever abuse or shout at them or in front of them to anyone. We shouldn’t assume that children are free of dignity. They have full feelings of self-respect which we a parents need to look after.

Freedom within boundaries

Montessori’s method of parenting never encourages in anywhere to anyone to leave their children with such freedom that there are no limits. Only the way of implementation is different. Without letting them know about the restriction place boundaries around them which we as parents need to look after. But children always believe in free birds flying anywhere without restriction. But parents always should be alert to keep an eye on them. Using the way of advice is also a sensitive tool of Montessori parenting methods.

Sharing a balanced discussion

Children are also a mature part of our family. Share the family discussion with children to bring their maturity to a high confidence level. Give the feeling of their meaningful presence at home by sharing and listening to their views on everything without showing them if there are any silly or childish thoughts they have. This is also a kind of learning for our children in their daily lives.

Imaginary world

Living in an imaginary world created by their parents, teachers, or other sources like cartoons, movies, or storytelling. But to bring out this imaginary world full of their fantasies is very much important. Slowly show the real facts of the surroundings by sharing regular experiences, news, or anything happening around the world by the sensor the sensitive things. It could build new interests and thoughts in our children as per understanding level.

Stress management

Children are by nature very sensitive as they can feel everything outside of their limits. To start putting pressure on them about their education, grades, results, and career before the time brings stress on them. This stress plays a role in covering or damaging our children’s skills and talents. Education is not any race if we always compare our children to others. If any child is not enough sharp in their studies, it doesn’t mean that the chapter is closed. Every child is in nature with different abilities, and need to explore their interests and talents to let them shine in the world.


Montessori education is mainly focused on children’s sense of responsibility. Mean to say in simple words our children do not only behave like a gentleman when someone is present around them. It’s about sole responsibility, and understanding good or bad. To keep consistently following the discipline without bothering anyone. Punishments or rewards is not a tool to train children. Somehow it could be implemented in many where but it brings in the child’s attention of their caretaker’s wither parents or teachers. The child only behaves in a disciplined way when they want to get a reward, admiration, or fear of punishment. But whenever find a freeway break the discipline.

What is the role of parents in Montessori parenting

Parents play a great role in the success of Montessori parenting. Involvement and presence of parents in the school meetup and behind-the-child activities built a healthy atmosphere around the child. Montessori’s way of education doesn’t mean a place where we send our children by assuming daycare. Children just go play and come back. It’s about the complete involvement of parents. Parents should ask and discuss the day spent by the child to know about their interests as well children become habitual to sharing their thoughts. Bringing up a friendly atmosphere.

What is the role of the child in Montessori?

Maria Montessori says “The child is the father of man”. This quote has a complete description and the importance of the role of a child. Teach the child to respect the others surrounding him to sustain a respectful atmosphere. Let the children themselves find the conclusion basis on their experiences helps them to mature soon. Built power of decision in their personality. parents and teachers need to understand that no child is born to be disciplined. We are the one who shows them the right path of discipline according to their interest and understanding. Same as this parents and teachers should understand that no child is born to be independent. To let our children, we need to free them to choose and decide according to their understanding. It helps them to be independent early.

What is the role of teachers in Montessori?

Teachers have a great role and can say more than the parents. The teachers should try to explore the interests and requirements of children. Also, they have a key responsibility to take every child in the class by having different natures together in the same pattern. It’s only possible to take a close observation of every child to know the level of understanding and interest. Also making healthy communication bridges with the parent. Teachers and parents together bring the child above the earth with beauty of characteristics. This is the reason behind nowadays a day parents choose Montessori education for their children.

Montessori Parenting Pros & Cons

It’s very much important to know the difference by finding the pros & cons of the Montessori educational system. There is nothing in the world without advantages and disadvantages same time. It also has many flaws but the positive thing with time updating is the system is a positive factor. Some of the key pros and cons I can list here for your better understanding. So after reviewing it’s easy for our readers whether it’s the system you are looking for your child or not. Before starting the subject, I would like to add a small explanation of Montessori education. As do not consider it the only educational system. Because it is the complete lifestyle of your child. Other than the educational system teaching and training is finished in school. But Montessori focuses on the day and night proper lifestyle of the child.

The advantages of the Montessori system

So here we are bringing your attention to the positive side of this system. Montessori’s educational system is full of positive aspects. Its unique style makes it different from the entire educational system.

Self Motivation

Firstly, the system brings self-motivation to the child’s life by showing practical learning and teaching style. A key objective is to make children enough confident concerning their age group. Allow to move and choose a style of education or learning methods. Freedom is what everyone has the right to spend their life from childhood.

Teachers Responsibilities

Montessori’s educational system ensures that the trainers or teachers associated with the system should consider every child as an individual entity. This system has the first objective that the number of children in the group or class should be less enough that the teacher can handle every child properly.


In addition, advisable for the parents to reduce or stop worrying about their child. Let your child move freely and do what they want free of stress. But it does not mean parents stop supervising the child but supervise without not letting them know.

The myth behind this education system is to encourage the freedom of children from their childhood. Not like waiting for some age limit. As per age define the freedom boundaries to let them stay stress-free. Teachers associated with this system are not allowed to sit or command only but to walk in between the children to show children their presence. This is a type of deep involvement.


Peer-to-peer learning is the strategy of this educational system. In this system, children are allowed to observe themselves to learn from reality-based facts. Do not directly impose teaching from books or just a recorded essay with some imagination. The benefits of this practice bring practical skills to the children.

Children learn from the level of their understanding and picking power.

How to respect

Self-respect is also the plus point that teaches them from the beginning. How to respect others and how to keep distance from di respect.

No stress of homework. Not a kind of busy activity with books only. There is playing, gossip, and listening but all the methods are used to teach the reality of the world.

Children of the Montessori educational system never get bored with their schools.

The Dis- advantages of the Montessori Parenting system

As I mentioned earlier along with a lot of advantages, always the possibility of disadvantages of the subject system. Here are some of the points based on practical research. Also, we use the feedback from the parents of the children in the Montessori educational system.

Proper institute

First of all, a proper Montessori educational system is not implemented in all the public schools that claim to have the system. So proper research and observation are very important. Nowadays schools are taken as more than a business only, but they ruin the childhoods of innocent children.

Montessori’s educational system is not copyrighted. So any school without implementing the proper principles of Montessori claims to have the system. There is no proper check and balance by anybody.

Due to its not affiliated with any cooperate body. Several other privately generated principles are imposed which hurt it.

Excess to everything is bad

Excess to freedom in a negative way by not following the Montessori standard also has a bad impact on the character of children.

One of the dark secrets which are not yet discussed openly nowadays. This becomes somehow a status matter. For the upper class or more rich people who can afford heavy fees every month.

Conclusion Of the Montessori parenting

As above we explore several aspects of the Montessori education system. Also elaborates on the roles of the people associated with it, either in any relation. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the system of education. So our readers can well decide what is appropriate for their child.

What Is Montessori Parenting

Afterward, having such a healthy discussion I must say we need to do proper research before admitting our child to any school that claims to have a system of education. The Montessori system of education is a lifestyle but if all the standards are implemented by aby school administration.

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