being a single parent

Being a Single Mother

First of all, we need to know the bitter reality of our society regarding being a Single Mother. Currently, if we calculate it could be more than 85 percent of women spend under the umbrella of single mother status in America. Single mother status is growing day by day in America. So it’s very much usual now for people to live in single-family status. This actually, for me so far, is a heartbreaking fact. That single-family status is not an easy lifestyle and has many hardships, as anybody can imagine.

Single mother definition

Before we move forward with the topic, it’s important to understand the definition of a single mother. A single mother could be divorced. It could be a girlfriend or being cheated on. It could be the result of an accidental affair. So many things could be happening behind the beginning of this status in life. So in simple words, any woman/ girl/female has a responsibility to raise her child alone only categorized as a single mother.

Life of a single mother

So now we are moving ahead in life situations. Life becomes very hard is a famous myth for single parents. But the difficulty is not only about finances. It is one form of emotional disorder. Loneliness. Responsibilities crackdown. Life is like behavior as one person’s army looks forward inside and outside of the house in almost all matters.

Living single mother inferiority is also a big factor to be considered. Satisfaction is now a day in our modern societies going down. People are always moving here and there, changing their partners, but for what, just to get inner satisfaction? People are moving far from home. And start traveling and adventuring just to get the satisfaction.  Same as an alone person looking after her kids, home, and financial matters day and night and suffering from this disorder.

There is another aspect of life when pregnancy is going on for single mothers. If women have already been separated from their partner due to any reason. The pregnancy period has its specific effects. Depression, for sure, comes forward to take women in hands. So the period could behave great difficulty by the way. At this time, friends and family play such an important role. This will help pregnant women get rid of much worse situations.

Single Mother Depression

Mainly depression or loneliness is the key factor in single-parent status. Frustration is also having while performing all responsibilities as one person. A daily hectic routine without any space could be a depressive thing in life. A partnership if life covers many aspects together if any day husband is busy, then the wife could take some of the responsibility and vice versa. But when there are only women. Specifically, they have to face society, family matters, financial matters, and childcare mainly by themselves. That is not even easy as it seems to be saying. Practically it’s the definition of the hardship of life.

Supporting family members like the father, mother, brother sister somehow, to a limited extent, provides relief. But nobody takes anyone else place. So if a supporting family is a single woman, it’s also a blessing. But in the end, a single woman has to manage her depression for many reasons by herself. Depression management is one of the issues of single mother life. Every single mother has to deal with everyone who faces this type of phase in her life.

Psychological effects

Depression, managing stress, and a lot more things have to face as psychological effects of being a single mother. Our psychological and mental status is our personality. It depends on how nice we are nice. Our psychological status helps us to move in life and understand the phases that come in our lives, like ocean waves. As this is a fact of our life that it never goes smoothly, always have ups & downs with some obstacles.

Ability to understand

Single mothers should have to sustain their psychological and mental status even when they face hardships. But this effect is not limited to the mother’s life only, it comes forward to the dependent or children surrounding her. Women become angrier or do not understand. The ability to understand the dark and white becomes less. Negative thoughts are too much surrounding her, which brings a negative impact overall. Too much stress at home and sometimes for no reason.

Negative psychological effects

But there are not only negative psychological effects while alone in life. Some could be possibly very positive and life changers as well. A weak woman might be before this, but this phase brings her to the life battlefield to make her a warrior. She becomes a swimmer in the ocean of obstacles because swimming comes once you dive into the ocean.

So I suggest to the people who are in the surroundings. They shouldn’t discriminate against single mothers as she is already in the hard part of life. Help her become strong and start a new chapter of life with joy and happiness. Accept her as what she is coz it’s not her choice. It even seemed to be her choice for several reasons that she couldn’t elaborate on. Exhausted women who are in the single-parent phase need support and appreciation for their struggle from their friends and family. And for sure true and loyal relations always come ahead and give them full support without any hesitation.

How do single working mothers survive

It’s a tricky aspect of life for working women who carry the dual responsibility of being parents. We can say it’s more challenging for her than anyone, to be honest. Women should be like iron ladies for fulfilling the necessities of life and responsibilities. Same time she has to manage all the logistics of her kids as well as fulfil the financial requirements of life. Every aspect has its pressure which needs to be bear in any case.

parental love

Single mother by choice

Now there is another chapter of this book, by choice or owning the status of a single mother for any other reason. This could have many possibilities. For example, some girls choose to be single mothers in their early 20s. At this early age, they might not be mentally prepared to spend their life with the person who is supposed to be their child’s father. Sometimes it is a reason for family pressure as, at this age, girls are usually dependent on their families. Or it could be a reason for the boy not being accepted as the father. Also, girls are not ready to live as housewives, so they choose to be single and independent. Despite all, in the end, it’s a very hard decision to make.

Age also matters for wise decisions. A 30-year-old single mother is more mature and responsible than a single mother in their early 20s. Same as a 35-year-old woman is more mature than 31 31-year-old woman. So for this aspect, age and maturity are very much considered as mature decisions have some pre-planning, but young age don’t have an idea about the severe consequences of it.

Marriage with a single mother

Nowadays, our American society is participating with a great number of single mothers. Most of them suffer from hardships in life, including emotional and financial terms. So marriage in this situation is a great opening of a new chapter in life. They also want love and attention in healthy relationships.

How to be a successful single mother

A million-dollar question is about the success of the very critical responsibility of a person who is a single parent. Father and mother have the same, or maybe the woman has some more issues. Looking after the matters of children is not an easy task. It’s a 24/7 job without any single negligence. There is no chance of a mistake in it. Every negligence could bring a worse and more miserable situation.

Facing obstacles

Now women get success while having a baby without a father. Same time has to arrange the source of income by herself. Looking home and kitchen. Kids also need full-time attention and care. It’s very difficult for everybody to know what is the solution or key to success. There is no single definition of success that could be imposed on everyone. Every woman has a different situation from others. But some of the matters or hardships are very common and can be discussed here.

Need dedication and motivation.

Women should take the initiative for themselves if they want to be successful in this period. She needs to be very strong in her will and be always ready to face any kind of situation bravely. If she is mature and finishes her education, start by making her strong with financial matters. If financial matters are solved, then we can say most of the stress could vanish automatically. But young or immature girls could face many obstacles to cover this aspect.

Family support

Always stick with the family members like father, mother, sister, brother, uncle aunt, etc. Involve themselves in family occasions to make themselves fresh and smooth. Never bother any sort of depression at any cause. Always be strong to fight the depressive situation.

Success never depends on one or two factors. A successful life always depends on single-parent full-day activities. As a single parent, a woman should never feel ashamed her herself. It’s not only her mistake for being a single parent. If someone leaves his responsibilities or can, say, run away. Then the mother should be appreciated for being strong enough to fulfill her responsibilities. Single parents’ success greatly influences a child’s life to be more confident and strong.

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