What are the parents' Divorce issues

What are the parents’ Divorce issues

Parents’ Divorce Issues

Writing on this subject I am also very much emotional because the word divorce is very critically emotional and surrounded by problems. Additionally Parents’ Divorce word itself an explanation of the whole story. However, Especially for children, it becomes very difficult to handle the situation. However not only children but the whole family and nearby close relations as well. If there is any other name or synonym for the word hardship then we must suggest divorce.

Life learning thoughts

After reading the complete article we believe that those who are supposed to make this decision should think twice before doing so. Later in further we are planning to bring divorced couples to share their worst experiences after getting apart for our visitors and readers.

Primarily Consequences

So when parents finally decide to end their relationship, the very first is the children who suffer from this action. Consequences are worse after the declaration of the Parents’ Divorce. So we suppose or assume that divorce has been and here we can explore the ways how to deal with the consequences and unwanted situations that come to our head.

For sure it is a sad moment full of grief and emotions due to the ending of the responsible relationship of parents. From the day children are like a shuttle cock because both father and mother have the right to custody. Even if someone got full custodial of children but never means that any court does not allow the other partner to meet with their children but once or twice depending on how the court gives the judgment. So now parents should also realize what they did makes their children in deep sorrow as well as emotional down. At the moment children need support from both of them by deciding the most favorable conditions related to them.

Parents’ Divorce

Custodial matters of parents’ Divorce Issues

Now after the Parents’ Divorce start fighting for the primary custody of the children which is also very painful for them. So here parents should realize the facts and try to settle the issue by mutual understanding to make their children get back from the sorrowful situation. At the time children were also very confused about how to make decisions between one of the members. For children, both father and mother are important equally so they are unable to choose one of them at an immature age. This becomes more crucial when the settlement of the custodial matter goes to court and both father and mother want primary custodians of the children. Nobody thinks of the best interest of their children as it just damages their childhood period and not easy to get back from the trauma of their parents’ divorce.

Parents’ further road map after Divorce

As a suggestion being human can’t be possible because being human is always right by our side. To be honest, after breaking the relationship parents should be honest with their children and open up and everything according to their age to get to know the reality. Do not hide anything because the story has been finished but the relevance of children never finishes.

Also, try to manage deep questions from the children and satisfy them with every point. At least they can mentally prepare for their future strategies. In this way, parents also help their children to cope with the stress and anxiety as well as future road map. Somewhere also suggests consultation with a therapist but we do not recommend this. Parents know their children more than anyone. Parents are the biggest therapists for their children. So just to be open and honest with them. Listen to their thoughts and speak up about whatever ever have done.

Children’s mental approaches in Parents’ Divorce

It is being observed that children belonging to divorced families are not in the good of their behaviour and attitude. Also not found positive in a society with a lack of social norms. Here is the reason for divorce but the root cause is after divorce not giving proper support from the parents which causes the children mentally upset. More negativity in their minds and approaches.

So divorced parents should give proper and mutual support to their children whatever their age either childhood or nearby adult age. But they need your support at every step. It takes time to accept this disaster in their lives. So just be together not staying under the same roof but show them that you both are with them. With time, your support will make them strong enough to digest the incident. Do not at once leave your children alone in life or let them go for an independent decision. Always ensure both of your positive presence in every decision of them.


How children deal with their parent’s divorce

Seeking support and their presence. But other than all there are some great responsibilities on children’s shoulders as well. At an early age, they have to be mature enough after this incident. So let us be a family to explore some fruitful possibilities in the sorrowful situation.

First, initiate by yourself if parents do not realize the sensitivity of the situation. Open the communication medium with both parents with new horizons. For sure will find the hard time to talk and discuss these matters with the parents for the first time. But be polite and express what you feel free.

Also, console your parents at this difficult time because they both are in a sorrowful situation by always being close. So just show your presence in their lives and do not weigh on anyone. Just balance on both sides with love and calm. It is very much normal to feel my parents ‘high and different range of emotions because divorce is not a joke.

Healing and therapy by loved ones

We are very much clear on this aspect that tries to away from any therapist as you can. Do yourself to heal the stress and anxiety. Try to include this situation of your close one’s friends, family members, and siblings to take advice and support in terms of morals and emotions.

After this or during the time try to be normal and do not take weightage of it in your personality. This may involve stress and a negative approach in terms of anger. So just find a way to settle with anger management. Involve yourself more in healthy physical activities than you have before. More activities bring stress and sorrowful emotions down and help you to be strong enough to meet the sad situation.

False expectations

One thing is very much clear it’s you whose parents are divorced and it is you suffering. Do not generate false expectations from others that they also should be as upset as you are. Just try to hide as what you can and only involve in the discussion who are closer to your heart.

This is just you who have to cover up the space created due to this incident. So try to maintain the level of normalcy as before. Going to school and college according to the daily schedule. Participate in the sports cycling as before you are. Do not ever try to be alone. Just be with your friends and try to forget the situation going home. Just get enough sleep and show yourself as strong enough to your parents so they can get out of the disaster situation. Your normalcy also gives great strength and heals the gap generated due to your Parents’ Divorce as well which they need more at the moment.

Do not reach a Conclusion once the Parents’ Divorce done

One last thing and always remember whatever happened with the parents it’s not your fault. And also it’s not as easy for your parents to choose the divorce road. So do not think negatively about your parents as well. Maybe after some time get to know the reality of the situation and why your parents took the decision. Now, this is the time when you have to work on your own at first and then look for your parents. Because parents can be much more stable when their children show strength and adjust to the new situation of life. However, everybody knows the bitter reality that dealing with a parent’s divorce could be a more difficult emotional experience in life.

How parents’ divorce affects on child’s life.

Unfortunately, parents’ divorce affects the children more than even the father and mother. Because they both finally end the relationship to get their life vehicle on the new road. But what about children, whatever happens, either the father is guilty or the mother, it doesn’t bother for children because they belong to both of them and their life is not complete without both of them. So separation of parents affects the children’s lives like someone ruins a happy life. Their sense of loss makes them emotionally and mentally upset. It’s very hard for them to see their parent living separately and they never get their attention in one place. They never share their sorrowful and happy moments in one place.

Social issues

So more than parents, children are affected in the divorce process during and after for a long period. It takes a long time to get back to the routine of normal life. This is very hard for them to introduce themselves to a divorced couple. And the sense of desideratum makes them shy and lack confidence in social norms. Because socially watching their fellow having a complete family makes them depressed and generates anxiety at a high level. All these circumstances badly affected their educational and grooming aspects of life.

Emotional down

Now, let’s move to the other bitter aspect of this bad effect on children other their emotions. After the separatioparentsarent children has to move either with a member or the other have a schedule to meet with them. Now, this is a new story of life. The relationship has been very close to them, since childhood, and the only relation stuck with them now meeting and greeting informally followed by the decided schedule. Could be a new home, school, or new schedule of living. Might be possible for some time to live with some others home. So there are several things which could greatly change the lives of children rather than parents only. All these changes are more difficult for them to adjust immediately and become normal. More time is required to understand all the happening around and then a new struggle starts to get back to normal life.

Understand the children’s attitude

At the moment if children become aggressive and silent, out of social then parents should understand all the disasters going on and let them relax as they heal the negligence in their life. Let them easily come back and adjust to the new life standards. This is the only emotional support that can be provided to the parent at this stage. Parents should open the door of communication to every topic wisely and widely. Do not make them silent and find someone out of the home to listen to their thoughts. It should be whether the father or mother or both listen to their childish thoughts and support them to avoid upset and depressed feelings.

Unintentional act

We cannot say that parents have no idea about the possible impact of their divorce on their children’s lives. And no parent wants to let their children in trauma due to their actions. However, when this is already done then they have to be aware that the trauma created due to the sudden incident in their lives can also recover through their collective efforts. We never encourage anyone to take consultants from some therapist or counsellor if the situation is out of hand.

Nowadays in the United States of America, the busiest clinics are mental therapists and counselors where the appointment can get in weeks due to the rush of people. So we suggest you both your father and mother are the best counsellors for your parents. No doctor can understand what you people are. So do yourself and get back your children to normal routine life by digesting the incident part of life. All these efforts and struggles just to help your children get back from the stress and anxiety.  Gaining once again confidence in society and stronger to behave like a normal person.

Child custody after divorce

Divorce is not a quick process that can be finished in a day. Long complications as the relation between old and children are there. After the settlement of the divorce, the sensitive question comes of custody of children either mother or father.  Without it the divorce procedure couldn’t finish but as it is a legal dispute so court determines which parents are best the take care of the children. But it doesn’t mean the other one is not allowed to meet. Both parents have the full right to meet and greet their children and make decisions mutually for their lives. In these cases, usually, the court sets the norms for everything, and if any party violates the decision court faces the penalty. Whatever the decision American courts always look for the interests of children.

Though custody of the child is a legal dispute and every custody decision depends upon the various circumstances. But somehow it is categorized into two kinds.

  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody

Legal custody refers to the ones who are authorized to make the right decisions about children’s upbringing. Physical custody refers to the children staying and accommodating under their supervision. But the rights of parents are never waived. Just to make sure that children are growing in the healthy and best environment after this disaster.

along with these above-mentioned common custodial practices some are also uncommon and rare examples of the other two types. This includes here

Birds nest

There is also another kind of custody where parents mutually decide themselves and obviously, American courts have no objections to it unless where do not follow the children’s American rights elaborated by the local American government regulatory bodies. But all of these agreements and settlements even without a court are necessary to bring the notice of the court that the divorce process can accomplish.  American courts are very strict if there is any type of negligence found in children’s upbringings. Also, American courts ensure the equal rights of both father and mother because children need both of them in their lives.

Joint Custody

Now even if all the above options are not applicable and joint custody is not possible. Then another kind of custody comes to the table. American courts also have several examples where custody is declared for the children but keeping the best interest of the children growing. It just means that courts do not waive the parent’s rights to children but one party limit for deciding for the children deciding the father and mother have some criminal or abusive history background then the limitation could be stricter but even though no court can strict the father or mother to meet with their children but under special instructions.

Whatever the custody type it is necessary to involve both parents in the child’s life. Even though the restricted custody types, other parents still have the full right to look after their children by following the visitation rights and the court’s decision. At any stage, both of them found negligence of anyone always has the right to appear in court with proper evidence to get a revised decision about the custody of children. However, child custody is an emotional procedure as children can never be part both of parents. They always want to live with their parents.


Living under the same roof

The most crucial process in the world of relations is divorce. if there are children, then many sacrifices are expected from both of them. One of the sacrifices after divorce still living under the same roof but nobody is authorized to interfere in the other space. This is not what we are assuming by will but also a kind of custody known as a bird’s nest. This contains advantages and disadvantages for the parents and children as well.

Possible advantage

The clear and significant advantage to the children living with both father and mother under the same roof. So somehow the only beneficiaries of this kind are the children. However, it is difficult for the newly divorced couple but this allows children to adjust their lives by accepting the divorce of their parents. But it gives some period and space so children never go into depression and are mentally upset. Parents also get a chance to make their children in normal lives unless they can easily go on their ways without creating disturbance for their children.

For this kind of life, there are some commitments and mutual agreements. After divorce children are their responsibility but other financial expenses have to be met on their own. No one is responsible for the party. It’s like 50/50 having to participate in every matter. So both father and mother have to contribute to continuing the household system.

This is somehow a temporary system that can’t possibly go on for a long period. It is applicable in some special cases. If children are in their early childhood period. Or children getting more sensitive to not being able to digest the disaster happening between their parents. So for some time, parents decide to live together to sustain the lives of their children. American courts also allow this type of custody under their supervision and notice.

Final Word On Parents’ Divorce

Only in our country United States of America currently 2.3 / 1000 people. This is somehow showing lower because instead of marriage more prefer to stay in a living relationship to avoid the severe consequences of divorce legal matters. Not only in America but all over the world we have several examples of famous people even. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo with four kids lives with his girlfriend. So there is a bit of difference in stats and ground reality. Overall, it has a great impact on children’s lives as a disaster more than fathers and mothers. So before going for this decision both father and mother twice think about their children’s lives.

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