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How to be a Good Parent

How to be a good parent is a remarkable question. It comes to mind when I hear the news of positive signs in the new test stage.

How to Be a Good Father, Mother?

Same time thinking about new responsibilities comes to my shoulder. With full of excitement. Filled with happiness. Everyone all around is very happy when hearing the news. Start receiving greeting messages with caring advice from the wife. The message becomes pieces of advice to care about food & diet recipes all around. Father becomes a grandfather. The mother becomes a grandmother. The young husband becomes a father. A young girl becomes a mother. New maturity stages are about to reach. A new guest is about to arrive, a new heart becomes a tic.

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Beginning Of Parenting

From now the story begins, and questions arise in the mind, how to be a good father? How to be a good mother? Beyond several pieces of advice and research about this question. There is another need of thought that is not common in everyone and not found anywhere but inside your heart. Yes, this is you who needs to review your personality. The question is, are you ready to be a father? Also, with the female side, Are you ready to be a mother? If the answer is yes, then you must understand the importance of being a parent. Teenage and young age reach their borderline. Maturity is starting, and a new time in your life will start where you are supposed to live not for yourself but for your children. If you have any bad habits, then you need to change them.

The reason behind of change

The reason behind this is that new guest is your DNA. It will be a copy of your personality and what is witnessed day and night in your personality. This is a time when start changes in your life It includes your entire hobbies. Also noticeable habits and attitude. This is the time when you have to schedule your life. Just bring change to your family for your children. As of now or soon, you will become a parent. A parent is the one who is a super ironic and idealistic personality for their children.

The question never gets the complete answer because this responsibility is not about any specific period. It becomes the way of life. Your attention and your affection will convert from your other friends and family to your children.

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Responsibility for how to be a good parent

The parent is responsible or can say feelings that have one language: love. Anyone who belongs to any region, language, anycast, skin, and mindset will be the same as their children. It could be more and more, but not less. This is can say a healthy competition, but no one ever fails in this competition because of the feeling blessed from heaven by ALLAH KAREEM; once blessed with children it never ends or less, it will be more as an increase in the number of children and will deliver to individually as same being parent. The parent is the blessed status of life when someone is coming the same as you.

Understanding being parent

Good in this responsibility needs to be clarified about the standard attitude because we cannot dictate the expressions of love. In love, it could be anything at any level. Children want to bring heaven into the world but do it within their authority, budget, or circumstances. So, in short, it’s about whatever they are doing for their children being the best of the best. This beautiful thing children would not understand sometimes. As you find out, it is the same as they understand when they reach the stage of their father and mother, how it’s going, and this is the law of this world.

Copy of behavior

Qualities themselves in the personality of the father can make them the best. It requires them to show their pure love for their children. Some people are not expressive by nature, but they have to understand that expression is a language that silently décor everything, which is sometimes impossible.

Be a role model for your children because fathers and mothers are their children’s first teachers. Children will learn by a practical demonstration of their father’s mother’s attitude and behavior not with them but around the surroundings, and they will behave the same as their father and mother do.

How to be a good parent understanding

One of the most important things for the parent is to be realistic.

All children are not born to be scientists, doctors, engineers, or some heroic personality, but they can be heroes in the relevant fields where they want to go.

So from childhood no need to spoon your children that you have to be this one, no never. Let him/her go with the flow and choose their field of work in life.

Being parents, you have to be their best and most friendly advisor. All fields of study are good but teach your children that choose the one where you give your best.

Hence it is coming in the observation that an intelligent one doesn’t need to be successful in real let go of what is going on and do not push your child like a slave. Let him/her enjoy their childhood, and teenage, and then be young, ready to work like a donkey or work for others.


Respect for everyone

Giving respect to your child from the start is very important. If you think your children because they are just children and do not deserve respect, then you are spoiling their not only childhood but also their whole life. The attitude and behavior that fathers and mothers give to their children greatly impact the whole life of children, and children in their grooming age become worse and go on. So giving respect is like you are building the whole society respectable and mannerable and saving your future as well.


Being good is towards your children, you, and your partner. As earlier I wrote you being a father and mother, are the role models for your children, so you both have to be very caring and loving as well as respectful to each other. Children silently observe and absorb what they are witnessing in you. Children from loving family partners vs broken families never are the same, and it’s for sure they are never stable like others. They have a lack of confidence and respect for others, depression, and stress.

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The above writing is not limited, but it’s full of giving the right direction for the new or already have this title in the life. Good parenting will come from your inside, not from the outside. It’s not a brand that you will purchase from the shop. It’s a maintenance of your character and habits for your children, who will so become part of society, and society is in your hands.

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