What Is Child-Rearing

What Is Child Rearing

Child rearing Definition & meanings

The term child rearing is usually referred to as parenting. It is defined as the specific process of raising children from infancy to adulthood. Or we can say child rearing is the act of ensuring the provision of resources for meeting all their basic requirements. The whole concept cannot be clear by this simple explanation so for more understanding I can elaborate on it in more detail here with some of the best understandable practical examples and practices.

Child rearing in a sentence

If anyone wants to understand in one sentence or in a simple way what child rearing does mean. Then I can simply define as it the way of parenting. Either traditional or modern aspects but to be father-mother of our children declare as childrearing.

Child rearing involves the process of teaching children new ways of life as well as training their behaviors, and manners according to social norms. A child never knows about good or bad things until he finds the reward for the good act and somehow punishment for the bad act. It is the way our children become the best citizens. Effective child upbringing boosts a youngster’s self-esteem as well as produces trustworthy and responsible adults. The term elaborates on the way to invest in children with love, care, and positive guidance which results in the same when they reach to parental stage or even an adult.

Child rearing psychology

Psychology has a great role as children do not come with their system manual so it is the impression of their parents. As what parents are doing or have characteristics same or somehow most of the adopted by their children. Parents are human and not all the parents are same. Some want to broaden their children with strict behavior while some are more lenient and forgivable to let the children find their way. We are not here in the debate of parenting styles, but yes, child-rearing or patterns of raising children practices differ from one another, but all practices belong to the grooming of children.

 Child rearing practices

It is referred to as the parenting styles about how they are raising their children as described above. No one claims they have best practices because every human has a different nature. So it comes to parenting as well. Parents could be violent or strict, and same as some are more loveable. So according to the nature of our behavior being parents, how can we raise our children in that is the best practice for ourselves?

Common Practices of Child Rearing

But yes through social surveys more research, and observations we can able to explore some of the common practices as well count them best or worse as per out bringing of children to adults. Also, it includes the influence of our culture and society along with religious beliefs about knowing where we are living. So as a result we can able to say that child rearing is part of parenting styles and practices for raising our children until they are adult enough to take care of themselves or not more dependent on their parents.

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Parental Strategies for Child Rearing

Child-rearing practices are a very sensitive part of parenting, by the way. Anything that we are doing as a parent is not the correct way, ultimately the one who suffers is our innocent children. So parents’ mistakes bring heavy suffering to their children. So instead of thinking that what we are doing is perfect, we need to approach the different strategies of parenting, which is very much important to improve our negligence regarding our children’s grooming. All the time being parents, we should look forward to some positive and research-based parental strategies.

Within Western culture, there are many different strategies or plans or say, approaches to child-rearing practices. Some of them are like:

Gentle parenting

Authoritative parenting

Permissive parenting

Nurturing Parenting

Neglectful parenting

Each parenting strategy has a different impact on children’s grooming. But here I am exploring some of it for your better understanding.

Permissive parenting

In child-rearing, this type of parent is more affectionate and loving towards their child. They are more like to control everything about their child. Despite it that, it affects the grooming of the child.

Permissive parents are less demanding of their children, but yes, they are more responsive than others. They are more passionate about covering the demands of their children. Grooming in a permissive way of parenting is like without rules and regulations. Let children live their life in their style but under the command of their parents.

That category of parents suffers and works hard to meet all the demands of their children by providing the best lifestyle as they can. But the dark side of this way of going is that their level of control over children’s lives, decisions, careers, and education becomes less with time. Children becoming independent before the time reaches is not considered the best practice in any society.

Authoritarian parenting

Parents under the category of child rearing are like the king of their children. They have set the rules and regulations since their childhood. And it’s all without knowing what kind of nature of kids they have. They are the imposer in a real practical way. But always convene themselves with a bundle of words. So they can justify that so far, it is for the child’s benefit.

That type of parent is more demanding instead of responsive because they assume that the response to every child’s demand has a negative impact. Low communication level between parent and children because everything is already set and child have to behave within the ground.

Strictness also presents somewhere more and somewhere less depending on the nature of the parent. I think that category of parents doesn’t want to lose control of their children, so they can go to any extent to get their objective. This type of parenting style can bring the best results as well in a positive way. So one of the common best practices is found everywhere.

Neglectful parenting

Here is the Child rearing parenting style, which has existed for a long but people often discuss it significantly less. So we can assume people close their eyes to this hard reality. Yes, this type of parenting also exists in our surroundings. As expressed by the title of the parenting style, parents are showing negligence towards their children. They let their child groom themselves. It’s not about them throwing them, but showing laziness and not much care as they are in other corners of life. They are not emotionless or not loving, but some of us are lazy by nature, so they are lazy being parents. Their children suffer too much due to negligence, as there is no strictness or communication between them. Parents do not care about what their children are doing.

Common child-rearing practices

We can say mandatory as well it. Commonly this type of practice can be witnessed in child-rearing. No matter what type of parenting style. Less or more they are present otherwise, we can assume there is no child-rearing, or parents are not taking care of their child. For better understating, I can explain it in a list view with simple words:


Old and modern styles have one of the common and best practices of storytelling. We want to advise our children to their best understanding by narrating the story.


Appreciation or reward with anything their good act. This is also a kind of encouragement for our children leading towards positive goals and objectives.

Teaching manners

Try to eat full of manners even if we are a bit easy and uncareful at home but show our children to eat full of manners so they can adopt it.

Failure is another name for success.

In case of failure to do some good act, encouragement, and motivation from parents bring a fighter nature towards their failure, which is very much important to teach them that failure is part of success.

Well Discipline

Set boundaries without considering love and affection because it is very effective for children’s whole life.

Do not engage them with any unnecessary instruments. So when we do not want any disturbance otherwise, it could bring distance between us.

Show your love and affection in a way that children’s characteristics become loving and caring towards others.


Do not discuss husband and wife matters in front of children.

Love your children, and care for them. But always try to make them independent by starting with small activities like handling the spoon, using a toothbrush, taking a bath, wearing clothes and shoes, etc.

Child-rearing practices elaborate on the principles and some mechanisms. Train them with more confidence that they can talk with us about everything. Be a friend to them along with parenthood because parents could be best friends if they try to be.

Physical activities

Play physical games and sports with the children. Try to engage them in healthy physical activities all the time. So it helps them to avoid unnecessary thoughts. Healthy and physical activities are also a necessary part of the child-rearing style.

Final Thought

Here in the article, we try our best to bring parents’ attention to how practical means of child-rearing are. There is nothing in the world that could be achieved without effort. Child rearing is also a way to show the negligence of parenting.

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