How To Reduce The Effects Of Adverse Childhood Experiences

How To Reduce The Effects Of Adverse Childhood Experiences

It is a very close topic for our life. People suffering from some adverse childhood experiences have some trauma in their adulthood. The childhood period is an impact on the whole life or for a long time effect. Any type of effect is not controlled by the child himself. Here we are exploring the major effects of adverse childhood experiences.


It depends what is the nature of the children’s parents, teachers, and guardians. How about the atmosphere where child survives their childhood towards adulthood or mature life? Any good or bad happening brings a great impact on life. So here we are exploring if there is some unfortunate in childhood then how to reduce the effects of adverse childhood experiences.

How To Reduce The Effects

The hard fact of this modern era

A bitter reality is that there is a big number of this kind of children who experience such unfortunate experiences in their childhood. These bad experiences are the game changer role in their life. As almost remaining whole life or for long period indulge with related to these after effects. These worse childhood experiences are different types, for example, the witness of parents fights, someone, committing suicide, parental abuse, too much beaten by parents or teachers, or elder siblings. Also neglected and ignored by parents.  So there are several things which being parents and teachers or guardians are not consider but it brings long-lasting impact on children whole life. These are mental trauma and toxic stress incidents that refer to the child’s adverse experiences.

Childhood Experiences

So according to the researchers and observes elaborate the effects in two categories:

Adverse childhood Long term effects

Adverse childhood long terms effects usually refer to mental illness situations depression and anxiety are the common signs which are long-lasting. And if not sort the particular issues from the root cause then unfortunately it goes on with life.

It may lead to developing bad or also unhealthy habits in children and adults also if under the influence of bitter experiences. These include excessive eating, more video gaming, less social interaction, abusing and fighting nature with somehow drinking and smoking, etc. These all habits cause poor health and invitational of life danger diseases.

Adverse childhood Short term effects

 So far there are short-term in the sense that effects bring some change in the attitude and behavior of children but either it can control by the elders or guardians or by children themselves.

Short-term effects also come due to inconsistent and temporary childhood adverse experiences. Like somewhere children experience some bad happening but later on come back to normal life. As children age is used to forget everything by engaging in other activities.

This is also a form of anxiety and depression. One of the major worse effects of these two problems is also on stomach and food intake. So food disorders also could be possible within the people.

The effects of adverse childhood experiences on brain development

The human brain can adjust its structure to familiarize itself with certain experiences. This is one of the alarming things in this situation. When a child is suffering from some of the adverse incidents then for sure it causes some sort of mental illness. So the child becomes challenged in their personality. Toxic stress due to adverse experiences is also a prime example of it.

Adverse Childhood

How to

The human brain is very adjustable. Changes in any type of surroundings can be adapted by the brain with time.

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